Top 6 Bitter Truths On Relationships

Top 6 Bitter Truths On Relationships

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Bitter Truths On Relationships:Relationship is extremely delightful and fulfilling. To numerous, it has lifted them out of unhappiness and distress and introduced into a domain of significance. Yet, regardless of its magnificence, there are challenges that emphatically meddle in the satisfaction of the accomplices in a connections. The following are 6 Bitter Truths On Relationships accomplices must face in the event that they should wipe out some avoidable cerebral pains and make the most of their connections.

Relationships have its ups and downs, but one good thing about anything that has its ups and downs is that you come off it a better and stronger person; it can be compared to a staircase; climbing stairs of a giant building might be complicated and difficult and even tiring but it’s one of the best forms of exercises for the legs.

You can’t marry everybody you date and the possibility of marrying the first person that you date is always very slim and this is one bitter truths about relationships. Many enter some relationships with the hope that it might lead to marriage but it doesn’t always work out that way. Some relationships are meant to shape you for the real deal and not every person you meet is the real deal

Bitter Truths On Relationships

Bitter Truths On Relationships

       1.   Everyone Has a Weakness

In the initial stages of relationships, everyone is a saint. Adam sees Eve as an angel, and Adam does not look human at all. But with time, reality begins to step in and you feel betrayed and as though you made the wrong choice. The truth is, you are simply being unreal. People have weaknesses and you must have to learn to love them with the weaknesses.  The inability of couples and partners to accept this truth, frustrates relationships a lot.

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      2.  Love Is Not Enough

It takes more than love to build a healthy relationship. The fact is that, loving someone does make you immune to being hurt by them. Therefore, you need understanding to get in terms with your partner, character to be likeable and caring, you must also put in total commitment in seeking the your partners interest, your partner needs time to heal over hurts and to change some aspects of negative behaviours and also trust and respect for each other in every aspect.

3.   You Can Not Change Anybody

Before you enter into any relationship, what must be at the entrance of your heart is this “i can not change anybody”. Many relationships have crumbled today because one partner feels it’s his/her responsibility to change the other person. No matter what you do, people generally do not want to change. You can only do your part by communicating your need for the partner to improve on certain behaviours. The change, if it will come, is out of your hand. the best you can offer is your support and time.

      4.  Everyone Knows Where Their Heart Belongs To

Most often,  you find yourself loving someone who is in love with another person. It is very frustrating and I could say, we’ve all been there. The more you try to impress them, the more they slip away from you. You must have to decide to quit a relationship where you are not valued or stay in perpetual pains. Everyone must not love you. Instead of forcing love on people, you could have a better life waiting for who will love you as you love him/her.Bitter Truths On Relationships

5.  There Is Always An Intention

Every guy who opens his mouth to say “i love you”, has an intention. For any relationship people enter into, both parties have an intention, often unstated. These intentions determine the actions of people in the relationship. Conflicts and unsatisfaction arises as a result of clashes in intentions. This explains why some relationships break up within a month of commencement. Discover the intentions of your spouses and partners and you are on your way to having a blissful relationship.

6.  You Can Survive

Many people suffer various degrees of pains in relationship and they are afraid of quitting due to fear. They are deeply afraid and frightened of whether they can survive the break up or not. Reality is that, you can survive. You always survived before you met him/her. You can still survive. Do not suffer from your fear, rather, suffer your fear.


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