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GTBank Mastercard activation code for online transactions

GTBank Mastercard:More people are getting the opportunity to be clearly aware of the online shopping more than ever. People use various banks for their online trades reliably. Some usage First Bank, Diamond, GTBank, Union, UBA et cetera. In this instructional exercise, we may exhibit to you Industry norms To Activate Your GTB Naira MasterCard For Online Transactions.

GTBank Mastercard

GTBank Mastercard

Before you can utilize any of your charge/Visa for online exchanges, you should first actuate them. At times, individuals think it is exceptionally hard to do. Indeed, it isn’t that difficult as thought. How about we demonstrate to you Generally accepted methods To Activate Your GTB Naira MasterCard For Online Transactions.

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To Get Your Activation Code:

1. Go to any branch of GTBank close to you . Tell them you want to apply for Internet Banking or want to be profiled for Internet Banking and would want to apply for a “Token”.The bank will debit N2,100 or so for the Token once you log into their site and activate your Internet banking account (or Naira MasterCard). You will get the Token device that very day (or they will ask you to come back for it another day) together with a PIN which you need to change in the process of activating your Internet Banking account on their site.

2. After getting your Token and Internet Banking details, go to the GTBank website – – to activate your ATM card for online payment. Click on “Login” under “Internet Banking” and then enter your Internet Banking account user details [User ID (Username) and Password] which should have been sent to your email address. Enter the login details and once inside your account, click on “Get Activation Code” button.

3. On the next page, follow the instructions provided and fill the form on the page. Select your card type (MasterCard) and enter the expiry date (which you will find on your ATM card) and then press the little button on your Token. It should display some digits, type in those digits and click on the “Submit” button.

4.. After you submit, your code will be generated for you. The generation of the code means your ATM card has been activated. Keep this online activation code away from anybody except yourself, you shouldn’t compromise it.

5.. Your GTB Naira MasterCard (ATM card) is now ready for making online payments anywhere you see the the MasterCard secured logo on the Internet. The code generated will be required every time you want to make payment online with the card.

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